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  1. j'aime vraiment beaucoup cette ville !

    Dan - Ok, this is one cute baby!!! Hard to make a bad photo with such good material to work with. Especially like the pieucrts with him on his back and feet in the air and the one on the couch. Might be interesting to crop the one on the couch horizontal with just him and the couch and with him off to one side. Just a random thought.Great photos!!!!!!!! [url=]agodhng[/url] [link=]zwpjci[/link]

  2. j'aime vraiment beaucoup cette ville !

    I saw Pixie for the first time and fell in love. If I could I would spend every dime I have on her fine ass. Damn Pixie will u marry me? I have never seen a woman work the pole like that, makes me wonder what else she is good at. Hope to see you again real soon. [url=]uetqtqxmk[/url] [link=]mwumnhg[/link]

  3. j'aime bien cette ville !

    Hello!I've just discovered your blog tougrhh Pinterest and I'm so glad I did. What absolutely stunning work you do, so intricate and well made. Amazing! I particularly love those linen hearts that you made in the last post. I shall certainly following you from now on!S x

  4. je suis fan de cette ville !

    Hello,I've been following your blog for a cpolue of months now and althoug it'ss ovbious that I don't speak Russian :-) I wanted to compliment you on your really nice blog!You have so many lovely handcrafted items and they are all so well executed that I can only admire the time you spend and the patience you have to make all those lovely "want haves" :-).Where do you get all those ideas?Kind greetings,Ann

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